Grilling Vegan Burgers and Fries – The Plant Based Gabriel’s Exclusive Formula

Today’s post isn’t a new recipe, but a new way to make some of my favorite recipes. All spring I have been grilling up burgers and fries and decided it was time to share exactly how I make it.

First of all, I used my vegan burgers and fifteen-minute french fries as the base of my meal.

For my burgers I formed them into patties and froze them, keeping dozens in my freezer at all times for a quick meal. The potatoes are Yukon Golds that I initially baked at the start of the week.

You could very easily make this recipe in the oven or air fryer if you do not have a grill, but if you do I highly recommend giving this method a try.


Whenever we are planning to have dinner guests one of our favorite things to do is Grilling Vegan Burgers and Oil-Free French Fries.


  • 4 plant-based burger patties
  • 4 large Yukon Gold Potatoes (baked and cooled)


Get the grill very hot (~450 F)

Slice the baked potatoes into fries and add the fries to the warming rack of the grill. Add the plant-based burger patties to the grill. Close the grill top and allow to cook for 4 to 5 minutes on each side.


This recipes works great with both freshly formed or frozen WFPB bean burger patties.

Thank you for your interest in our website. Hopefully after our articles will expand your knowledge store!

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