Woman Gives Birth to Twins and IVF Baby at the Same Time

Beata Bienias, 36, has begun to give up hope of motherhood due to health problems including polycystic ovaries, which weigh more than 17 stone.

But she did lose weight and the new mom got more than she ever dreamed of when she finally got pregnant with a baby through IVF. But miraculously, she also conceived twins just days before the embryo transfer.

When the doctor harvested her eggs for fertilization, she cried tears of joy because she felt so excited about being a mom. Doctors told the couple not to have sex during the IVF process, but they broke the rules for Powell’s birthday. They thought little of it — after all, they had tried having children naturally for seven years and it didn’t work.

“They tell you at the fertility clinic that you can’t have sex for the four days before your egg collection, because the hormones mean more eggs are fertilized than normal,” Beata said.

But miraculously she had also conceived twins just days before her embryo transfer.

The pregnancy has been described by one fertility expert as “almost impossible”,

It means Beata and her husband Pawel, 40, are now parents to four-week-old Amelia and twins Matylda and Borys.

The besotted mum was told by stunned doctors her non-identical twins were conceived naturally just a few days before her IVF embryo transfer on May 2 last year.

“We both were in shock and we looked (at) the monitor with disbelief, just wondering who put (three babies) there,” said Bienias, who is originally from Poland. “Straight away I called my mum and then I started crying saying, ‘There’s three inside me.’”

Further examination revealed another shock: Only one fertilized embryo had implanted. Doctors said the twins were conceived naturally.

“This is so ironic after trying for so long, and when we got the treatment we conceived naturally,” she said.

Dr. Christine Greves — a doctor at the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Orlando who did not treat Bienias and can’t comment specifically on her case — said that natural and IVF conception can happen concurrently.“One can conceive naturally when undergoing IVF treatment … and the implanted embryo can take,” she told TODAY. “It is possible.”


Though she noted that it’s not common.

“It happens very rarely,” she explained. “A lot of the people who seek IVF have difficulty getting pregnant.

Bienias delivered the babies, Amelia, Matylda and Borys, on Dec. 13, 2018 when she was 34 weeks pregnant. Mom and babies spent a week in the hospital and then returned home, where the triplets have been growing steadily as the new parents adjust to caring for multiple infants.

“It can be difficult and strenuous, but it is more than 100 per cent worth it,” says Bienias. “I’m tired after one night but when I look at these little faces, my heart melts.”

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