30 Staff Members Give Birth To 31 Babies At Minnesota Hospital

ST.CLOUD — A white board hangs in the break room of St. Cloud Hospital’s Family Birthing Center. On it, staff list the names of whom on staff is pregnant and and their due date.

In early 2018, slowly, the list started to grow.

One staffer gave birth in February and two in March. In May, four more babies were born.

“The list just kept getting longer and longer,” said Melissa Lahn, director of the birthing center.

By the end of 2018, 31 babies were born to 30 staffers in one unit. For a staff of about 150, that’s incredible. About one in five staffers had a baby in 2018. It was an unofficial baby boom on the third flood of St. Cloud Hospital.

A total of 31 employees welcomed 32 babies last year, with one lucky mom having twins. One in every five staffers were pregnant at the same time at the hospital, and in a twist of fate, all worked in the birthing unit together.

One mom said, “It was fun,” and added, “You’d see people walking down the hall and compare bellies.” Another added, “He was our first so it was a big relief coming to work with everyone else being pregnant and be like, ‘Hey, is this normal? Is this normal?’ and just have that weight lifted off my shoulders.”

It was fitting when they shouted “We’re the baby boom hospital” during a photo shoot, all the newborns donned onesies with the number in order of which they were born.

The Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord and we think this hospital has experienced a huge blessing in form of the baby-boom that happened last year.

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Video resource:  Inside Edition

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