This TikTok Chef Is Whipping Up Wildly Nostalgic Recipes

Mix a teaspoon of Back To The Future-esque time travel with a dash of culinary curiosity, and what do you get? None other than Wyoming-based TikToker B. Dylan Hollis. Hollis has raked in millions of views and followers by recreating obscure recipes from cookbooks that date back decades.

In one of his more popular videos, Hollis takes on ambrosia, the fluffy fruit salad you might see at your next summer BBQ. According to the TikTok phenom, ambrosia dates back to 1951 and can be considered a “suspect salad.”

“Mid-century America has produced many suspect salads,” Hollis explained in his minute long video. “Many of which continue to link out of the angsty states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. However, ambrosia is arguably the one that started them all. The pioneer, if you will. And today we’re gonna see if that’s a good thing.”

The final verdict on this suspect salad? “You know what? I like this one. It’s quite pleasant,” Hollis said.

Following the release of his ambrosia TikTok, many followers were quick to express their familiarity with the salad, commenting that it was a favorite of their grandmothers. Some of Hollis’ other recipe recreations? Not so much.

The self-proclaimed mid-century baking specialist has taken on a number of lesser known and often maligned dishes, like Amish Lard Cakes, Peach Spam Bake, Clam Biscuits, and the infamous Spaghetti-O Jell-O Ring. The latter of which, unsurprisingly, resulted in Hollis saying he needed a hug.

With recipe videos posted nearly every other day, how does Hollis maintain such an ample selection of vintage recipes? Well, he’s reportedly reached a point in his career where social media followers are eagerly send in cookbooks for his review. Good news for us: We’ll never run out of old-timey recipe TikToks to watch.

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