This Dad’s Sweet Irish Lullaby Has Us Nodding Off Too

Gabriel Miller usually devotes his time to making plant-based diets accessible to even the most obvious beginners. His popular “Plant Based Gabriel” blog has hundreds of vegan recipes, most of which he tries out on his adorable daughter Bridgette before he shares them with his fans.

Recently, the chef, organic gardener, and cookbook author took a break from promoting healthy eating to put out a heartwarming video. Bridgette was due for her afternoon nap, but like many energetic toddlers, she was fighting off sleep tooth and nail. Gabriel decided to sing her a time-honored Irish lullaby, and the little girl was helpless to resist the tune.

As her dad sings the familiar lyrics, Bridgette’s eyes begin to droop, and she hums tunelessly along with him. By the time he’s into the second refrain, she’s out like a light!

There’s a reason these old songs have lasted so long they really work! Watch Gabriel sing his little girl to sleep in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend.

Video resource: Plant Based Gabriel

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