What’s So Special About Gabriel’s Exclusive Vegan Sushi Roll?

Dr Miller had a long day of work so Bridgette and I decided to surprise her with our easy vegan sushi rolls for dinner. We recently got some of our favorite seaweed-free sushi roll wrappers in the mail and tonight seemed like the perfect time to break them out.

You can tell from our photo that Bridgette was extra smily (look at those teeth!) after helping in the kitchen with mixing (squishing) up the sushi rice. One of the things we like most about making our own sushi is that we can fill the rolls with so many different plant-based ingredients.

One of our particularly favorite combinations is cooked sweet potato slices and pickled peppers. Here is how we like to make our sushi rice, the choice of filling and wrapper type is completely up to you!

🍚 Vegan Sushi Rice 🍚

5 cups rice, cooked
3 tbs rice vinegar
2 tbs maple syrup
*salt to taste

1. If you just cooked the rice allow it to cool slightly before adding it to a large bowl. Mix in the vinegar and maple syrup so that everything is mixed evenly.
2. We like to use around 1 cup of this sushi rice per sushi roll. But this can vary slightly depending on the size of our wrappers and what we are filling our rolls with.

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