This Mom Unexpectedly Gave Birth in a Parking Lot

After rushing to the hospital in labor, Paula D’Amore gave birth to her third child her first daughter in the family car moments after her husband pulled into the medical center parking lot.

The entire adventure was captured by her birth photographer, Paulina Splechta.

“I never thought when I was pushing that the baby would come in the car,” D’Amore, who lives in Greenacres, Florida, told TODAY Parents. “When I’m able now to look back, it’s incredible. Birth is so beautiful.”

D’Amore, 30, went into labor last Thursday, waking up to contractions at 1:30 a.m. She soon called her birth team: a doula, a midwife and Splechta.

The photos captured more than the couple ever anticipated.

It’s the first time D’Amore had hired a birth photographer.

Her first baby was delivered via an emergency C-section and there were few snaps of her second labor as well, so she and her husband Joe were determined to document this baby’s arrival in a big way. This would be her second vaginal birth after a cesarean, or VBAC, and her last pregnancy, she said.

The hospital is about 30 minutes from the couple’s home. As Joe drove, D’Amore felt back-to-back contractions.

“The atmosphere in the truck was very intense,” Joe told NBC affiliate WPTV.

“By the time we get two miles down the road from my house, I had the urge to push,” she said. “The minute we pull up to the fire lane on the side of the hospital where the maternity wing is, is when I felt a burning sensation and I knew I’m crowning.”

Paula D’Amore gave birth in the back of a car in a Florida hospital parking lot.

As the baby’s head started to emerge, D’Amore’s husband ran into the hospital to get help and then ran back to the car. The doula instructed him to hold the baby’s head for support. The midwife, driving in another car, arrived and D’Amore delivered the baby after two pushes.

“I wasn’t scared because we had medical professionals there. We were right at the hospital,” she said. “My eyes are closed the entire time and I’m hearing everyone’s dialogue.”

Scrambling to take photos, Splechta called it one of the most amazing moments of her life.

Paula D’Amore gave birth in the back of a car in a Florida hospital parking lot.

She’s also impressed by her husband’s steady help.

“If I would have ever told him, ‘Hey, by the way, you’re going to be delivering your baby,’ he would have been like, ‘No that’s never happening,'” D’Amore said.

“He’s an amazing father, an amazing husband. He will do anything for his family. In those moments, he needed to do what he needed to do.”

“It was beautiful to have my daughter make a grand entrance the way she did,” Joe told WPTV. “I’ll never forget it.”

The family is now enjoying Daniella’s arrival and reflecting on the hectic birth experience.

“When you’re in labor, it’s almost like an out-of-body experience,” D’Amore said.

Splechta was also in awe.

“I have documented short and long labors. Every woman’s body has a different timeline for how long her labor will last, but this is certainly my first second VBAC to document in the back seat of a car,” she said.

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Video source: Inside Edition

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