Baby Born Two Months Early With Mum In Coma Due To Covid As Dad Told To Choose Which Life To Save

Christina Jones was so gravely ill with coronavirus that doctors performed a Caesarean at 31 weeks. When the 39-year-old came round a week later she didn’t even remember being pregnant. Christina Jones, 39, was diagnosed with Covid-19 on February 18 and, following eight days of isolation, was taken to Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil…

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These Identical Twins Gave Birth Two Hours Apart Despite Not Being Due On The Same Day

Jeremy and Josh Salyers are also identical twins who had the same idea to marry a set of identical twin sisters.  Identical twins Briana and Brittany, 35, married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 37, and now they’re introducing the world to their babies, who are so genetically similar that the cousins are more like…

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